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2017-01-01 09:30 pm

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 a cruel, unloving god is the only god i can accept.  

the only way a god could be fair is if he were a being on chaos, like azathoth.  azathoth has no independant thoughts, bc hes literally just chaos incarnate.
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2016-10-26 11:54 am

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 So, over a year ago, someone really important to me died.  I'd known him since my childhood, since we were around 5/6 years old.  He had a hard life and lived on the streets sometimes, which is where he was living when he went missing, on his birthday.

They found him a month later.  Well, they found his legs, and that's it.

I... had a hard time accepting that.

Sometimes I have dreams where he's still here.  I'm going to catalogue them.
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2016-10-25 08:34 pm

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 I love all my pokemon cards equally they are my babies EXCEPT FOR YOU, MR MIME, YOU CREEPY FUCK
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2016-10-13 04:22 pm
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My favorite Pokemon, ordered by generation"

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2016-10-12 11:54 am

writing about writing: degenerate

there is nothing i love more than writing about the stories i write.  I love detailing my thought processes and my reasons for making certain literary decisions in my stories.   There's just something so great about it.  Even though I know no one cares, I can't help myself.  It doesn't matter what kind of writing it is: original stories, fanfiction, even essays sometimes!  

so uh, I'm just going to talk about that.  For my own benefit.

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2016-10-12 11:25 am

there is no 'perfect' god

augustine describes 3 true qualities of the One God
  1.  God is omniscient (all-knowing)
  2. God is omnipotent (all-powerful)
  3. God is omnibenevolent (all-loving)

these qualities are a paradox.  Augustine himself admits that.Let's examine what these mean: )
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2015-11-26 07:28 pm

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i cant believe paul died. its still so fucked up. i vow to dismantle the society which allowed this to happen. april 30th 2015

i refuse to obey or believe in a god who would allow a world like this to exist, a world where the homeless are treated like nothing, and are killed and dismembered like they are nothing. i think about this a lot. there is no light in this world, and i will either bring it light or snuff it out entirely.

i wish this was just a joke. im sorry, paul. i saw you a week before it happened. nobody had told me you were back on the streets. i wanted to see you again, this summer, to have a chance to really talk because i missed you, and i still hadn't gotten around to designing that tattoo that you asked for a couple years ago.

people say you're in heaven, but i know the god of heaven was never on our side.
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2014-02-08 01:32 am

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i have had this thing for over two years and i have done nothing with it
it's not going to change tbh