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augustine describes 3 true qualities of the One God
  1.  God is omniscient (all-knowing)
  2. God is omnipotent (all-powerful)
  3. God is omnibenevolent (all-loving)

these qualities are a paradox.  Augustine himself admits that.
  1. Omniscient:  God sees everything that has happened, and that will happen in the future.  He knows every secret of the universe.
  2. Omnipotent:  God is the ultimate force of nature, he has the power to change the future and to alter the tides of fate.
  3. Omnibenevolent:  God loves all of his creations, and would never want anything bad to happen to them.  We are his children.

Do you see what I'm saying?  The world we live in is inherently cruel.  Bad things happen all the time to people who don't deserve it.

These three qualities cannot coexist in a single God.

In our universe, where bad things happen:
  • If God is both omniscient and omnibenevolent, then he is powerless.  For if He could, He would stop disasters before they came.
  • If God is both omniscient and omnipotent, then he is cruel.  For He has the power and the foresight to stop bad outcomes from happening, but he chooses not to.
  • If God is both omnipotent and omnibenevolent, then he isn't all-knowing.  For if He loved us, and had the power to stop misfortune before it happened, why do bad things still happen?  Because he does not know of these things.

Augustine allowed for this, putting the blame on humans for our own misfortune.  It is punishment for the "original sin" of eating from the Tree of Knowledge. 

Except God would've seen that coming, too.  And He did nothing to stop it.  

For anyone who's actually read the Bible, it is obvious that the God is not all-loving.  He is, fundamentally, the Israelite's war god, who leads his people to victory as long as they follow his instructions.  Even in the new testament, when Jesus begs his father to spare him from crucifixion, God's heart remains hard.  He is not a loving god.

These three qualities, particularly Omniscience, also leads to an interesting question.  If God sees everything, and knows for certain what the future holds, then do we have free will?

No, we don't.  Even if we did, it wouldn't matter anyway.  Due to the infinite nature of time, all human accomplishments will eventually fade to dust.  The end state of the universe is the same no matter what path we take.
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